Stage Decoration


Stage Decoration


Want to find The Best Decoration teams?

An impressive stage design catch the attention of audience for any function. Stage decoration for your wedding matters a lot. Well arranged ans designed stage is the face of any function. Getting the best stage decorators  in the industry is not that easy. Thats why we are here. We will make it easy to find the best decoration team.

Is Dcore8 is the decoration service Provider?

No. We are not stage decorators, instaed we point you to the correct stage docoration team, in your desired area.

How to find the best Decoration Service in my area?

You can now get quotes from different decoration teams that serves in your area. In the home page you can request a quote. We will send your requirement to different event management team.  Your contact details are safe with us. It wont be shared with anyone until you approve a decorator, thus we protect your privacy.  They will send quotes to you. You can approve the preferred team. Only they can get your contact details. Also you will get their contacts as well.

Do I have to pay?

No. its absolutely free to find a Decoration team Firm here.

We are an Decoration team, How can we enroll?

If you are an decoration company/team/firm, you are at the right place to get leads  and orders. Now its very easy to create and manage a portfolio and a website for your decoration firm.

In the menu click on the vendors. Select your service Type as Decoration.  Click Reegister button. Register with your gmail/fb login. Add the details in the next page. Click proceed to the final steps.

What are the benefits of enrolling as an Decoration Firm?

Web site

First of all you will get a web page for your decoration firm, where you can showcase the details and portfolio of you decoration firm. Also you will get quote requests from clients. You can submit quote for all requests. Once the client approves the quote, you will get notification and contact details of your client. Also you can request an advance payment and the client can pay you through a payment link.

Inventory Management

The other main benefit as vendor is that you will have platform for managing all your inventory and accounts.

Refer and Earn Program

You can earn by refer the service to any vendors that provides the service listed here. You can view the credits, payouts and balance of your account.

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